How Effective Performance Management Facilitates Employee Engagement

Performance management is the process of identifying employee (organizational or work unit) strengths/opportunities for improvement, establishing objectives, agreeing on the means by which results will be achieved, determining evaluation criteria, and assessing available resources that can help or hinder success.

Effectively executed, the performance management process can enhance the level of employee engagement by providing the leader an opportunity to reinforce the work unit’s mission and values, actively listen to employees’ ideas on how to improve performance quality , clarify individual roles and levels of authority, identify impediments to employee  job success, differentiating “problems” (within the leader’s control to solve) from “realities”(outside the leader’s sphere of influence to overcome).

In short, the performance management process can reshape the leader-employee relationship from:

Command decisions to consensus building

Task orientation to a focus on verifiable results

Motivation through fear to positive reinforcement and individual responsibility

The leader having all the answers to utilizing employees as internal consultants

Record keeping and documenting mistakes to coaching for success

Unstated vision and assumed values to the open sharing of purpose


About mhc68

Michael H. Cohen is a nationally recognized author, workshop leader, and consultant specializing in leadership and team development, organizational communications, employee relations, conflict management, and customer service. Mike Cohen is committed to the belief that employees are responsible for their own intrinsic motivation, work ethic, service orientation, positive attitude, and constructive behaviors. He has developed a reputation for providing practical and motivational presentations, and tailor made consultation services that exceed participants' expectations. Mr. Cohen served as Director of Employee Relations and Development and later as Vice President of Human Resources at Weiss Memorial/University of Chicago Hospitals for twelve years. He has taught Interpersonal Communications, Group Process, and Organizational Behavior at Northwestern, Roosevelt, and Dominican Universities, Triton, and Oakton Community Colleges.
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1 Response to How Effective Performance Management Facilitates Employee Engagement

  1. Excellent . . . your experience echoes mine. I love your book, Time to Lead, and have used your suggestions with my HR team. They work. You and I share the same philosophy and approach to employees, management, leadership, and engagement. Thanks, Gail B. Ledesma

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