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Michael H. Cohen is a nationally recognized author, workshop leader, and consultant specializing in leadership and team development, organizational communications, employee relations, conflict management, and customer service. Mike Cohen is committed to the belief that employees are responsible for their own intrinsic motivation, work ethic, service orientation, positive attitude, and constructive behaviors. He has developed a reputation for providing practical and motivational presentations, and tailor made consultation services that exceed participants' expectations. Mr. Cohen served as Director of Employee Relations and Development and later as Vice President of Human Resources at Weiss Memorial/University of Chicago Hospitals for twelve years. He has taught Interpersonal Communications, Group Process, and Organizational Behavior at Northwestern, Roosevelt, and Dominican Universities, Triton, and Oakton Community Colleges.

Ensure Healthy Teamwork Between Departments

Seamless customer service will never be achieved until departments fully communicate and cooperate with each other. Teambuilding between interdependent work units is indicated when: People from one work unit regularly talk about another unit in a snide, cynical and sarcastic … Continue reading

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Addressing Employees with Behavior Problems

It’s relatively easy to address an employee attendance issue or deal with an employee who exhibits technical/clinical deficiencies (assuming the person has the motivation and capacity to improve). But your management skills are really put to the test when you have an employee … Continue reading

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Creating a Learning Culture

One of your most important leadership responsibilities is to create a learning culture where employees are at the cutting edge of their respective disciplines. Nobody should be permitted to rest on their laurels regardless of their  age or length of employment. Nobody should … Continue reading

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How Effective Performance Management Facilitates Employee Engagement

Performance management is the process of identifying employee (organizational or work unit) strengths/opportunities for improvement, establishing objectives, agreeing on the means by which results will be achieved, determining evaluation criteria, and assessing available resources that can help or hinder success. Effectively … Continue reading

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Break Down The Silos

You will never achieve seamless customer service if there exists a breakdown of cooperation between interdependent work units. Symptoms of polarization and distrust include:    One group feels it gets little respect from the other    Individuals from one group regularly bad mouth the other     … Continue reading

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Ensure Productive Meetings

Time is one of our most precious commodities, and too much of it is wasted on unnecessary or unproductive meetings.  You may want to consider conducting an audit of current practices that includes some of the following issues: (At the … Continue reading

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Why Engage Employees in Decision-Making

When you include employees in your decision-making on issues that directly impact their work, there is a greater chance that they will embrace the decision as their own and effectively  implement it. You are also more likely to make a … Continue reading

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