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Ensure Productive Meetings

Time is one of our most precious commodities, and too much of it is wasted on unnecessary or unproductive meetings.  You may want to consider conducting an audit of current practices that includes some of the following issues: (At the … Continue reading

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Stay Goal (Not Personality) Focused

As a leader, you probably like some employees more than others, but you evaluate them based upon the quality of their performance, not on your feelings toward them. You strive to be fair, objective and consistent in your application of policies and procedures. You … Continue reading

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A Word to “Managers of Managers”

Be very mindful of those activities for which you recognize and hold middle managers and first line supervisors accountable. What you reward or penalize them for is a clear indication of your values. Many managers come to work early, leave late … Continue reading

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Credibility: The Foundation Of Leadership

To be successful in the art of leadership (as in persuasion), it’s not the message that is crucial–it’s the messenger. For example, if employees don’t trust you, view you as manipulative, overbearing or controlling, all of your facts, reason and compelling emotional … Continue reading

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Are You a Candidate for Burnout?

Burn out is not caused by working long and hard hours for a sustained period of time.  It is a bi-product of exerting significant effort on activities that when completed, provide no sense of accomplishment or fulfillment. When your activities are not in … Continue reading

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Know What You Stand For

One definition of leadership is “The Effective Management of Attention.” If you have 101 priorities all of them important, you have no priorities because you have no focus. You and your staff don’t have enough time and resources to excel in everything you … Continue reading

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Time to Lead: A Challenge to Leaders and Managers

The most critical people within your organization are those employees on the front lines who have the most direct and sustained contact with customers. They make or break your organization’s reputation. They are your public relations agents and good will ambassadors. If … Continue reading

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