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Ensure Healthy Teamwork Between Departments

Seamless customer service will never be achieved until departments fully communicate and cooperate with each other. Teambuilding between interdependent work units is indicated when: People from one work unit regularly talk about another unit in a snide, cynical and sarcastic … Continue reading

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Ensure Productive Meetings

Time is one of our most precious commodities, and too much of it is wasted on unnecessary or unproductive meetings.  You may want to consider conducting an audit of current practices that includes some of the following issues: (At the … Continue reading

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Credibility: A Precondition for Facilitating Change

Leadership is the art of attracting voluntary followers and harnessing their collective energy in pursuit of a common goal. People follow you not out of fear based on the potential consequences of noncompliance.  They follow you because:    They identify with your … Continue reading

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Care for Your Employees/Don’t Take Care of Them

Caring for employees’ well being builds trust and good will. It is a precondition for a positive working relationship. On the other hand, taking care of employees breeds dependency, a sense of entitlement and resentment. When you care for employees, you challenge them … Continue reading

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